World Box APK + Mod 2022 (Detailed Review, Tips to Play)

Introduction of World Box APK Download Latest Version

The World Box Apk game is an incredible opportunity to engage with the world in a new way while also teaching children about geography and cultures. It can be played individually or cooperatively, making it perfect for group play as well! APK stands for Android Package Kit. We hope this blog post will help you learn more about how fun and educational the World Box game is.

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Game Play of the World Box APK 

The World Box is a game that can be played by two, three, or four people. The object of the game is to get all 4 cards of your color before your opponents do. At the start of the game each player chooses a color and gets 3 cards in their hand. The dealer then turns over one card at a time from the draw pile and lays them face up on the table.

The first to go is the person who has the card that matches one of his or hers in their hand. Play then passes to that player’s left or right depending upon where they are sitting, clockwise around the table, until a match is made. During play, if it is discovered that a player holds a card of the same color as one already on the table, that person can play their card and get another turn.

If the cards match, the owner of that card gets two more turns. Play then continues until one person has all four colors in his or her hand.

There are three ways to win:

1) you win if you get all four of your cards first.

2) You win if you are the only one to not have won yet and it is your turn when no more matches can be made.

3) If at any time during play, a player turns up a card that matches one of his or her own face-down cards still in their hand, that player can take that card into his or her hand and then play must pass to the left or right again.

Features of World Box Game 

World box is a time-consuming, addictive, and educational game. This game is developed by Maxim Karpenko. The game is played on the android Smartphone or computer. Here are some of the prominent features of this simulation game;


You can make your own civilization in world box games. You can go to other worlds where people have made civilizations already! There are lots of civilizations out there, but I will tell you about 3 that I’ve come across. These three civilizations are the Penguin Empire, Gaia Empire, and the Island of Man.

One very interesting civilization is the Penguin Empire made by a user called TheCreatorABYT. The Penguin Empire has a big ice barrier surrounding it. Penguins there worship a god named “Nipple” who controls their lives.

They live in igloos that have lights in them. They have some enemies called the Blue Fish Monks who are part of a religion that worships happiness. The Penguins can’t stand people worshipping happiness, so they fight back against them!

Another cool civilization is Gaia Empire made by user jonny2good4u. The Gaia empire is extremely detailed with weather effects and buildings made from the ground. The civilization is a combination of different creatures and some machine-like creatures as well! In this world, they do not have war, but instead, they fight honor battles with their ancient weapons!

The third civilization I am going to tell you about is the Island of Man. The creator of this world was named maku567. This world has people running around in armor, with spears and axes. It also has some cool machines called triremes that are made for transportation during the war!

Watch your Civilization 

There is a watch feature on the game where you can see all of your civilizations and animals on one screen rather than checking them out on different screens. When I first got the watch feature, I was so excited to see my island. The animals are so cute and you can even control them!


There is also a simulation feature, which lets you watch your civilization for as much time as you want without having to worry about being attacked or anything bad happening! You just have to press enter on the simulation screen. You can also watch your animals, but make sure you are on the animal screen when you do it!

Craft a Pixel World 

Another feature is called craft a pixel world. This allows players to create their own miniatures in the game using pixels, which are the building blocks of this game. People who are good at building with pixels can build almost anything they can think of.

Experiment yourself 

There are two more features on the game called experiment and explore. The experiment feature allows you to test your ideas with a simulation before starting an entire civilization that could be very time-consuming!

You get 10 simulations for free every month but can purchase more if you want to use them. Explore is where you go to see other people’s civilizations and animals! You may even come across some civilizations that interest you.

The World box game is a great game with many features to keep you busy for hours and hours on end. It can be used to teach your child about building cities or it can be used as an everyday game to add to your bucket list of video games to try out,

Common FAQs about the World Box APK 

Here are some of the common FAQs about the World Box APK;

Is World Box Mod APK Available?

Yes. The world box mod apk is available by some of the third party developers, but it isn’t legal to download and install this mod apk.

Is world box mod apk file is launched by the original developers?

Not at all, world box mod apk is not launched by its original developers and you should not use it.

Is world box mod apk file safe to use?

Nope it is not safe to use and download Worldbox Mod APK on your mobile device.

What to do if I have already installed World Box Mod APK on my mobile device? 

Delete the world box mod apk file immediately, because it infringes the rights of the real owner and it is not safe to use.


In conclusion, World Box APK is a great game with many features which have been covered in this article. I hope you enjoyed the article and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have your own opinion about world box games.

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