Art of War 3:RTS strategy Mod APK [Unlimited Gold/ Money] Latest 2022

Art of War 3:RTS strategy Download Latest Version 2022

Art of War 3 is a ‘strategy’ game where you are asked to control your troops to defeat the enemy’s base. The rules are simple – destroy the turrets, defense towers and reach their flag stand to win. Download the latest version of Art of War 3 Mod APK and enjoy unlimited resources free of cost.

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The Game play of Art of war 3

  • One of the most important aspects of the game as it affects all players equally and therefor leads to a more competitive environment.
  • Art of war 3 is divided into two distinct sections, the first section being where you build your base and construct units with which you will later expand on and fight enemies with.
  • The second stage of Art of war 3 is where you attack and destroy enemy units, buildings and try to destroy their respective bases. Both of these stages have a very different feel to them as they require the player to use different skills and strategies that will affect how well you do in battle.
  • The resources in Art of war 3 are stone, food, wood and gold. Once collected, players can use these resources to train units. Each resource has different uses, for example stone is required to produce buildings whereas wood is required for certain types of units.
  • Gold on the other hand is needed to purchase upgrades that increase unit efficiency or boost production rates. Food meanwhile is used as a general substitute for all other resources, it holds no special function but is needed to claim territory or produce any units.
  • All resources are required for players to develop their bases and construct new buildings that in turn unlock new units. Once these building have been built, players can then train the necessary units to increase their chances of victory in battle.

Amazing Features Art of War 3:RTS strategy APK

Real-time battles

Fighting in real-time allows you to feel the tension of battle. No more tedious turn-by-turn combat!

Classic control system

Get back to basics with a side view and a simple attack and block mechanic, while still enjoying a deep leveling up system. The familiar movement, attack, and ranged attack system of the original game have been modernized.

Detailed everything

Three detailed castles with three different looks. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Both castles in multiplayer maps have health bars so you can see who is winning at a glance. Castles are fully upgradeable with seven defense towers available for construction, each with its own abilities.

Continuous war

Build troops and manage resources simultaneously, so you can crank out tanks or troop transports at the same time you are building an army.

Unique Campaigns

Fight epic battles based on actual historical events! From ancient Greece to Napoleon’s last stand. Complete the Faction Warfare, Epoch Warfare, or Explore & Harvest campaigns to open up new levels and cards. Card packs are also available for purchase with real money or gold coins.

Mod Features of Art of War 3:RTS strategy 

Art of war 3 is a war strategy game where you can build your huge army and try attacking other players in online multiplayer battles. Every player has to collect enough calcium, iron, and zinc in order to upgrade their buildings and create the strongest force.

Unlimited coins

You can get unlimited gold and silver with this mod apk. Fight against other players in online battles and try to attack their walls. When attacking the opponent’s walls, you will get a lot of resources for upgrading your army and base wall.

All unlocked heroes

With this mod, you can access all heroes that are currently unlocked. You can strengthen your heroes by upgrading their abilities and powers with the given resources for free!

Build the world’s largest army

This is where you really excel in this game. If it’s one thing, the most beautiful thing about this game is building an enormous army. Train soldiers, troops, archers, and military cargo trucks to build a big army. Place soldiers on the front lines and place archers on the back lines to protect your troops from enemies’ attacks.

Common FAQs about Art of War 3:RTS strategy Mod apk

I can’t download the Art of War 3 mod apk. What to do?

You need something called “ZArchiver” to extract these files, google it and get it right away.

It’s not working on my device! What should I do?

If you’re rooted, try deleting SELinux Mode Changer and Busybox Pro apps from your phone.

If you’re not rooted, try changing the compatibility mode on ZArchiver to Android 4.1 and above as instructed by the developer on this page.

Also, you might want to enable unknown sources from your device’s security settings so that ZArchiver can work properly with these files.

Can I download the app using my phone’s browser?

Yes. You can download it to your PC and then transfer the apk file to your phone using a data cable or Bluetooth.

I’m getting Force Close errors, what should I do?

Try refraining from opening too many apps at the same time and don’t be on a slow network. While downloading the files. If you still get Force Close errors after that, restart your phone and try again.


When it comes to the art of war 3 Mod APK, you have a lot of options. There are many different kinds of mods that can be applied to your game. In order to make it more fun and interesting for players.

But not only do these modifications allow for changes on an individual level. But they also offer opportunities for businesses or developers looking to get into this market space.

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