Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK v 1.44.05[Unlimited Money/ Gems]

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

Narcos Cartel Wars is a new game for Android users. The storyline of the game features the drug cartels, which are powerful and violent gangs involved in illegal trade of drugs such as cocaine, marijuana or heroin. You can download the Narcos Cartel Mod APK to enjoy unlimited resources free of cost.

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About the Narcos Cartel Wars

narcos: cartel wars mod apk latest version

In this war-themed strategy simulation video game, players need to build up their gang from scratch by recruiting members and expanding territories while fighting off other rival cartels with guns and bullets. They also have to manage resources wisely between weapons production, territory expansion, personnel management and more.

The graphics look amazing – you can see all your enemies on different parts of the map moving around like ants before they attack you. You’ll feel every action as if it were real life! All these factors make.

Amazing Features of Narcos Cartel Wars Apk

Narcos Cartel Wars is a free mobile game that you can download on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Amazon devices. The game gives you missions to complete, allowing you to build your empire of drug cartels and reach new levels.

As you level up, you’ll unlock new missions and characters. You also unlock new buildings to help grow your cartel. Experience the life of a drug lord as you plan, run, and expand your empire to become one of the most powerful cartels in Colombia.

narcos cartel wars mod apk download

Some of the prominent features of Narcos Cartel Wars are:

Recruit and build – Recruit gang members to work under you and build up your fortune. Build new homes to grow your cartel’s earnings

Wage War – Fight against other players or team up with them, you decide

Profit – Use the money to upgrade your characters and purchase new weapons for your gang members

Cartel – Assemble your team of Cocaine cowboys to take over the world of Narcos.

Mod Features of Narcos Cartel Wars

This game is quite complicated because of the number of features that it has. You should know that this game will require you to have a Data file if you want to use it, but that’s ok.

Here are some of the awesome things about this mod:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Ammunition
  • All Unlocked Level Of Your Car Upgrades
  • All Unlocked Upgrades Of Weapons

And that’s just some of the features; you should try it out if you want too. Download this game by pressing the download button at the end of this post!

narcos cartel wars cheats

Common FAQs about Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK

What is Narcos Cartel Wars Game all about?

Narcos Cartel Wars is a Strategic and Action-packed FPS Shooter where you’ll play as a drug lord, making your way through the dangerous world of crime and cartel wars. With over 300 unlockable items in total, you’ll have to strategize and be tactical to defeat your enemies.

What are the main features of Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK?

Unlimited Gold Unlimited Cash Limb Execution Enemies that keeps respawning with a lot more damage taken Enhanced Bullet Trails No Reload More Accuracy More Ammo Capacity Auto Aim enabled Friendly Fire Enabled

What are the cons of Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK?

If you like to play offline, this mod is not for you. Your game will get stuck at the “Loading” screen if this mod is enabled while playing in Offline Mode. You need to make sure your game is fully updated before installing any mods.

This mod requires a rooted phone. If your device is not rooted, you cannot install this mod. You need to have a Custom Recovery Installed on your device in order to flash the mod file via TWRP Recovery.

Is Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK Safe to Use?

If you’re looking for Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK, you’ll find tons of them on the internet. You need to be careful when downloading any mods tools for Android Games and Apps. Some might contain viruses that can harm your device. Make sure you download Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK from a trusted source.


You can download the new Narcos Cartel Wars Mod APK for free on your Android device. It is great to be able to play this game with updated graphics and a more realistic experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download for unlimited adventure.

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