City of Crime: Gang Wars APK + MOD 2022 (unlimited money)

City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod Apk is a popular city-building game released on Android and iOS in 2017. As the ruler of your crime syndicate, you must build up your empire by expanding into new areas and recruiting influential gang members to help you achieve your goals. You will need to compete ruthlessly against other players to become the dominant criminal force in town. So you also can influence local politics by choosing whom to bribe or threaten with violence all while keeping an eye on law enforcement agents trying their hardest to bust your operation.

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City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

City of Crime: Gang Wars offers hours upon hours of addictive city-building gameplay that can enjoy solo or with friends online. So whether you’re a hardened criminal mastermind looking for some serious competition or want a fun way to spend some time hanging out with friends, City of Crime: Gang Wars ought To Be On Your List Of Games To Try Out!

The game is a real-time strategy game that is set in the underworld. In this game, you can build up a city by yourself and then fight against other factions. The best part about playing this game is that it allows players to experience life in the underworld. Where they can earn money easily by doing illegal activities such as drug trafficking or prostitution.

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Also, playing this game requires you to strategize and plan before starting any battle or mission to win over other players playing against you. You can use these strategies when planning out your moves during matches, as well as when planning out missions within the game itself.

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City of Crime: Gang Wars mod apk is a mobile strategy game developed by Playrix and published by Gameloft. The game’s objective is to build up your criminal empire as you fight to control critical neighborhoods in a city full of crime and corruption. You must choose which criminals to recruit, purchase weapons and supplies, dodge the police, and decide where to allocate your resources to gain an edge over your rivals.

The gameplay of the City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod APK is a sandbox-style game in which you take control of one or more criminal gangs and attempt to expand your territory through violent means. You will need to manage resources, recruit new members, plan strategies, and carry out attacks on rival gangs.

Unique Features of City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod APK

City of Crime: Gang Wars is a city-building game that allows you to control the rise of your criminal empire by playing as one of several gangs that compete for power and influence in a fictional city.


You can become the boss of your gang. You will be able to control the entire underworld, and you will be able to make decisions for your fighters and their actions. You will also be able to hire new members from the underworld, recruit them and train them to become good fighters in battle.


In every part of the city, rival gangs fight against each other for dominance over the underworld. There are numerous gangs with different names and different leaders. Who wants to rule over everyone else in this game.

You can choose which faction you want to join by selecting a leader from a list and then deciding if you wish to be an enemy or ally with them. You must choose wisely because if they defeat you in battle. They will take over your territory and rule over everything in their way.


There are no limits to what you can build in this game. You can create an entire town or village with multiple structures and buildings, including houses, schools, hospitals, etc. You can also decorate your buildings with modern or traditional styles to give them a unique look that will make your city stand out from other cities worldwide.


This mod apk has many excellent features you never thought possible. These features are real-time AI calculations that simulate the real world. Building up a high-definition city without restrictions, and Real-time battles with an emphasis on strategies and tactics. This mod apk is one of the most popular games in the world.


A real-time battle where you must use all your skills against enemies trying to destroy your territory! Destroy them with guns or take them down with tasers. Use drones for surveillance, so you know what is happening on the battlefield.

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In this game, you can create your high-definition city anywhere in the world. You can make it any way you like and protect it from all dangers.

Common FAQ of City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod APK

What is the City of Crime?

The City of Crime is a unique survival city that allows you to experience the harsh realities and criminal underworlds in different parts of the world. You can play as one of many gangs, interacting with rival factions to build your empire and dominate the streets.

Why did I get kicked out/banned from playing?

Player abilities are set strictly by game rules, which are always subject to change without warning or notification. If you’re unhappy with how your character has been performing in-game. It may be best to consider leaving (or rejoining) while you still have opportunities. This applies equally if someone on your team decides they don’t want to work together politically, ideologically, or simply because they disagree with each other’s strategies!

How do I join a gang?

Joining a gang is achieved by completing particular tasks, such as murdering random people or hacking into rival gangs’ computers.

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City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod APK is an action game where you can build a high-definition city without restrictions. You will have many different types of buildings that you can use in your towns, such as factories, hospitals, and schools. Although these buildings benefit your citizens, they also come with their downsides; for example, factories hurt the environment. Because they emit harmful gases into the air, hospitals tend to attract crime.

Because they are likely to be located near a crime scene or hospital emergency room. In addition, some buildings may cause an epidemic if they become too crowded. So if there is not enough space around them for people to live comfortably. The game allows you to create any building you want by using different materials and designing it uniquely!

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