Age of Apes APK + MOD 2022 (Unlimited Money / Gems) For Android

Age of Apes Mod Apk is a popular simulation game in which you build your own civilization and try to survive. You will have to fight with other players or mutants and build bases, settlements, and cities. In this game, you can play on Android devices or iOS devices. There are many different modes available including single-player campaigns as well as multiplayer tournaments.

Additionally, there is a wide range of items that can be bought with in-game currency or through real money purchases. And lastly, user feedback has been great so far – suggesting that new features are added on a regular basis which keeps the play experience fresh. If all this sounds appealing to you then go ahead and download the Age of Apes Mod APK today!

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Age of Apes Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

This is a general strategy game that challenges players to build the best civilization by gathering resources, creating powerful armies, and defending against hostile tribes. So far, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users who have found it to be both challenging and entertaining.

You can create your own army using soldiers trained by yourself or buy them from another player if they are more advanced than yours. You can also create alliances with other players so that they help each other in combat situations or simply trade items between them.

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In addition, there are many different types of buildings that you can build in the game such as houses for civilians, barracks for soldiers, and even factories for producing weapons or tools for construction purposes. There are also many different animals available in Age Of Apes Mod Apk.

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Age of Apes Mod APK is a new and interesting social game that allows you to rule the world as an alpha male or female ape. In this game, you must build up your society by creating houses, forming alliances with other apes, and fighting off rival tribes in order to become the leader of the pack. You can also train your animals to help you accomplish objectives, gather resources such as food and wood, and explore new areas for clues about ancient ruins.

The gameplay is quite simple: you start with nothing but a few stones, but as time goes on you will be able to acquire more resources such as wood, stone, metal, and even energy sources such as coal, oil, or uranium. You will also have to develop your base by building various buildings that allow you to produce food, defense troops, and other resources needed for survival.

Amazing Features of Age of Apes APK


Build your own civilization and lead it to a future in the world of apes. The game is based on the famous movie franchise, which brings you into the past in the year 2029. You will have to fight against different enemies such as humans, mutants, and viruses. You can also explore different areas like forests, caves, and mountains.


You can build your own base from scratch by choosing different types of buildings like military buildings, residential buildings, and more. You can also upgrade them with different upgrades like rocket launchers and machine guns for better protection against enemies.


In this game, you will be able to fight against mutant monkeys who are invading your land. These monkeys have mutated due to some unknown reasons and they are now attacking humans everywhere they find them. To defeat these guys, you have to build up a strong army with tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles that can help you win battles easily against these guys.


Use weapons such as spears, swords, sticks, clubs, and more! An array of different types of weapons gives you plenty of options when trying to fight off your enemies!


Collect rare items from loot boxes that are dropped by enemies or purchased from the store using coins earned from completing quests and defeating zombies.

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There are many levels in this game so you can easily play it without any difficulty at all. It has more than 50 levels which are different from each other but each of them has its own challenges for players who want to win them as well as unlock new abilities for their characters when they reach a certain level


The graphics of this game are very good. It has all the features that are needed to make it look realistic. It has a great background and excellent texture. The colors used in this game are also good and very vibrant. The graphics also help make the player feel like he is playing an actual game.


The sound effect in this game is extremely real and lifelike. It makes you feel as if you are actually living in a jungle where you have to fight for your survival against wild animals with only your bare hands and feet! The sound effects also help in giving life to the environment around you making it seem more realistic than ever before!

Common Questions of Age of Apes Mod APK

What is the Age of Apes Mod APK?

The Age of Apes Mod (formerly known as AOAM) is a mod for the game Civilization V that allows players to play as apes from the movie franchise. The game features many improvements over the original, including more advanced civilization management and real-time combat.

Additionally, there are new units, buildings, and technologies available in this version of Civ V that were not present in earlier versions. This will allow you to use all of the features and mods provided by AoAM without affecting other aspects of your game experience.

How to get started with the Age of Apes Mod APK?

The first step is to download and install the Age of Apes Mod APK from our website. After that, you can start playing the game by selecting one of the available characters from the roster. Alternatively, you can create your own character and join a faction war.

How do I advance through the Ages?

By defeating enemies and completing quests. You’ll also earn experience points which you can use to level up your character.

Is there a limit on how much experience I can gain per day?

No, you’re free to level up as fast or slow as you wish. The only limitation is that you won’t be able to progress beyond Level 10 if your account has less than 20 active days of playing time (cumulative).

How to install Age of Apes Mod APK?

First, you need to download and install the apk file. After that, open the app and click on the “Browse” button. You will be able to find and select the mod you want to use from your device’s internal storage or from external storage (if connected via USB).

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Age of Apes Mod APK is a game that was designed for Android devices and allows players to role-play as a human or ape during the Stone Age. The objective of the game is to survive and defeat dinosaurs in order to take over their territory. By gathering resources, building settlements, and training your people, you can attempt to become the dominant species on Earth.

There are numerous different ways that you can play the game, including single-player campaigns or online multiplayer battles with other players. In addition, there are several levels of difficulty available if you want to challenge yourself more severely than standard gameplay offers. There’s also an editor available so that you can create custom maps and scenarios for others to enjoy.

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