Island War APK + MOD 2022 (Dumb Enemy) For Android

Island War MOD APK is an Android game that pits players against each other in a battle to control the most strategic islands. The competition aims to build up your island by harvesting resources, training troops, and constructing buildings. You can then use your army to attack and take over enemy islands, or you can trade with other players for valuable goods and resources.

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Island War is a strategic combat game in an open-world environment. The player controls one of three factions and must battle through the enemy territory to conquer islands, gather resources, and build up their army to defeat the rival faction. Many different units and buildings can be used to achieve victory, so the strategy is key to success.

Combat is turn-based, and players take turns selecting actions such as moving troops or making attacks. To overcome strong opposition, you must use your unit combinations wisely to damage or destroy your opponent’s base. You can also deploy heroes into battle, which can act as powerful allies or devastating weapons against your enemies.

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To win the game, you’ll need to carefully plan each move you make to maximize the effectiveness of your troops and defences. You’ll also need to research new technologies to boost your firepower or increase your supply capabilities. It’s important to stay flexible and adaptable to keep up with ever-changing battlefield conditions.

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Island War MOD APK is a Strategy game developed by GameCo Games and published by PlayHaven for Android. In the game, players control characters who inhabit an island and must fight against other humans or computer-controlled opponents to conquer the island. The game’s objective is to build up your base and attack enemy bases to gain resources (food, money, etc.) that will help you expand your empire. You can also research new technologies to improve your army and defences.

The gameplay of Island War MOD APK is an exciting mix of strategy and build-up. In the game, you are tasked with building up your island into a thriving landmass by gathering resources and forming alliances with other players. You will need to strategically choose which buildings to construct to support your population and military and develop trade routes to acquire valuable resources. The goal is to defeat all of your opponents before they can do the same to you!

Unique Features are Island War APK

Island War is a strategic game where you must build and control your base while defending against enemy attacks. The game’s goal is to survive as long as possible, replenish resources, and capture critical locations on the map to gain an advantage over your opponents.


The game allows you to conquer new islands. You have to build a base, research technology and construct various buildings. What’s more, you will be able to improve your army in battle because of which you can defeat enemies.


Yes, it is possible to break through any defence in the game. You need to upgrade your army by collecting resources and recruiting new troops. The amount of resources required for upgrading your army differs based on the type of defence you want to break through.


In this game, you can unlock various powers by using unique cards available in the game store. These cards are public at different prices, so players can easily buy them according to their budget. If you want more power, you can buy higher-priced cards, but if you want less, you can purchase lower-priced cards from the store itself without any difficulty.


In this game, you can collect money from the enemies. To do so, you need to defeat them. You can do this with a variety of weapons. This game has different types of weapons: machine guns, rifles, and pistols. Each weapon has its characteristics and diverse firing range.


The main currency in this game is gems which you can use to buy weapons or upgrades for your characters. You can also purchase other items with these gems. The game’s primary goal is to get enough gold coins to buy new weapons and upgrade your army.


The graphics are excellent, and this game has many unique features. You can see the actual 3D characters that have different looks. You can also see the beautiful environment with impressive buildings, trees, and other objects. The characters are so realistic that you will be amazed to see them. This game has many types of enemies, like humans, zombies, and more.

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The sound effects in this game are also excellent and give an extra boost to the gameplay. You will feel fantastic when you get hit by an enemy or shot by a weapon. Some sounds make your heart beat faster, like the footsteps of a person walking on grass or running towards someone running towards you etc.


In this game, you can build your army by recruiting new players from other countries and defeating them to win their troops which will help you win more battles against other players later on in the game.

Common Questions about Island War MOD APK

Can I play this game for free?

You can download this game free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, there are some in-app purchases available which allow you to add more features to your account.

What are the requirements to play this game?

The minimum system requirement to play this game is an Android 4.0 device with 1 GB RAM or above. It will also require an internet connection so that you can download the latest updates of the game whenever they come out.

What kind of experience do I need to have?

You don’t have to have any experience with war simulation games before playing this one. You need to be familiar with the concept behind this game. If you know how war works, you can play it easily without any problem. If not, there are some tutorials you can follow online to help you get started with the basics of the game.

Why should I play this game?

The reason why you should play this game is that it’s fun and exciting. In this game, you can build your army, defend your island, and conquer other players’ islands. The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. The graphics are also excellent so that you won’t have any problem playing this game.

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Island War MOD APK is a game that has an interesting concept behind it. The player will be able to choose from the different islands that are available in the game and conquer them. The player will also be able to unlock new islands, which will allow them to explore more of this game.

The game is based on war simulation, where you will be able to build your army and defend your island from other players. You can play this game in single-player or multiplayer mode with up to 8 players on the same battlefield simultaneously. Depending on your preference, you can also play this game online or offline.

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