Armed Heist APK + Mod 2022 (Unlimited Diamonds) For Android

Armed Heist Mod apk is an amazing game that you can install on your Android mobile phone. The game offers both quick action styles with extremely challenging levels that require hard work and patience to survive. There are tons of weapons at your disposal, and power-ups to aid you on your adventure. Upgrade your gear & vehicle as you play. With themes ranging from military to cops & robbers to heists, this is the best crime-related game on android with no in-app purchases or ads. Get the money and laugh your way to the bank with the funniest shooter in town!

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Armed Heist Mod apk Download Latest Version 2022

Armed Heist is a new map modification for the popular game Fortnite that allows players to rob other players in an effort to gain resources and diamonds. With the Armed Heist apk, become a bank robber and have the time of your life. So get behind the gun, plan your attack and make sure you’ve got enough dough to cover your tracks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lone wolf or with a gang of robbers, swipe money from ATM machines, dodge bullets, get caught in an action-packed shootout, and watch as people flee to safety.

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Armed Heist is a new Strategy game that takes place in the world of Crime. As the Manager of your own Criminal Organization, you must build up your empire and take down rivals while honing your skills as a professional criminal mastermind. You’ll need to master planning and execution if you want to succeed, making use of all available resources at your disposal – from guns and explosives to cars and drugs – in order to achieve victory.

The gameplay is based on real-time strategy elements with emphasis on strategic decision-making – everything from selecting targetted victims, choosing when (and how) to strike, determining escape routes, etc. The game features multiple campaigns with different terrain types for an exciting variety of challenges. Soaked in Cold Blood offers a unique twist whereby the player’s team changes dynamically according to choices made by other players; this creates unpredictable outcomes which can drastically alter the balance of power within the group!

One thing’s for sure: it will be hard not to get caught up in all the high drama unfolding throughout the Armed Heist Mod apk!

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Amazing Features of Armed Heist Apk

Armed Heist APK is a game where you will play as a stickman. In this game, you have to do jobs like a robbery and shootouts to earn money. You will have many weapons to use in this game.

Customizable Weapon System

You can play this game with different weapons and you can use it on any platform. Moreover, this game has a unique feature of weapon customization which means that you can upgrade your weapons and make them more powerful so that you can enhance your gaming experience by killing more enemies. Moreover, you will notice that your weapons become more powerful after every stage of the game.

3D Crime Map

This is an amazing feature of Armed Heist APK because it is a 3D map. As well as on the map, you will find all the places about the robberies which are going to happen in the future. So you will notice that there are different types of robberies available on this map such as jewelry stores, banks, and many more places from where you can steal money very easily without any hesitation or fear of getting caught by police officers or civilians.

Dynamic Scenarios

There are also some dynamic scenarios available in this apk which makes it more interesting for the gamers. All these scenarios are very interesting and exciting which makes it very difficult for the gamers to stop playing this game once they start playing it.


Get ready to rob banks, steal jewels and take your revenge on the corrupt bankers who have taken everything you own. It’s time to rise up through the criminal ranks and become the ultimate gangster in this adrenaline-fueled 3D shooter game!


With red hot gameplay, epic missions, and a choice of weapons including grenade launchers and missile launchers, it’s time to get down to business. So grab your gear and get ready to pull off crazy heists in a range of different scenarios.

You can even customize your character with a huge range of outfits and gear. From suits to military gear, there are tons of options to choose from. So Then get ready to put your shooting skills to the test in this addictive FPS game that will have you.

Pimp Your Character 

If you want to make your character look cooler then there are many options available for customization of your character like dressing him up in different attires or changing his hairstyle or even changing his face color according to your choice.


You will be able to play this game in different places around the world. This means that you will get to see new places each time you play this game. Moreover, the locations that you can choose from include casinos, banks, and many more.


The main aim of this game is to provide a fun experience for its users by giving them different challenges that they need to complete in order for them to win prizes. So you will be able to unlock amazing rewards when you do well in the challenges provided by this app.

armed heist mod apk unlocked everything


In order for you as a player or user of this app to win prizes or rewards. In fact, there must be a mission given by the gang leader which needs to be accomplished by all members of the gang including yourself as one of them

Unlock amazing rewards

As soon as you complete each mission successfully then you will be rewarded with some amazing awards including food, clothes, and money which will help you to complete all missions easily without any difficulties at all.

Common Questions of Armed Heist Mod apk 

What is the Armed Heist Mod apk?

The Armed Heist Mod apk is a custom game mode for Criminal Mastermind that allows players to simulate being part of an armed robbery. Players can choose from different characters and battle it out in themed criminal zones in order to score the most points and become the new crime lord.

How do I install the Armed Heist Mod apk?

The Armed Heist Mod apk can be installed using any file manager app on your device. Simply go into “Fortnite” > “Mods” > scroll down until you see “Armed Heist,” click on it, and confirm the installation. After installation is complete, start up Fortnite and select the newly-created map from within the battle royale mode list. Enjoy!

What are some of the changes that we can expect in this upcoming update?

Some of the key changes that you can look forward to include new enemy types, updated graphics, and more user-friendly controls. Additionally, we plan on adding additional content (including new levels) over time so that users have a lot more content to enjoy.

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Armed Heist Mod apk is the best choice for you. It is an amazing game that you can play with your friends and family members. Moreover, the main mission of this game is to rob the bank. You have to run around the city, rob banks, and steal cars. So you can also use different weapons in your mission.

The main feature of this game is that it provides you full freedom to do whatever you want. You can go anywhere in the city and rob any bank or steal any car according to your wish. So you can also unlock new weapons by completing missions or achievements successfully in this game.

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