Beauty Plus APK + Mod 2022 [Premium Unlocked] For Android

BeautyPlus MOD APK is a powerful photo editor and selfie camera app. You can take perfect selfies and make your photos more beautiful with our powerful tools: remove acne, pimple, or blemish, smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth, slim face, and reshape the body. Try hot makeup and trendy hairstyles to beautify your face, and choose from thousands of filters and special effects to give the tremendous effect that fits your style!

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Beauty Plus Mod Apk Download Latest Version2022

BeautyPlus APK is a comprehensive photo editing and photography tool that works efficiently to remove unwanted elements and defects in images. It also allows you to add colorful things and create appealing photo effects. Besides, it offers numerous filters with various effects and controls to allow users to focus on the details they want.

It is a free photo editing application that can help you achieve your desired results by using it properly. It offers special editing tools and effects that you can use to change your photos into more beautiful ones, whether from selfies, photos taken at family gatherings, or during holidays.

This app allows users to fix photos to perfection by adjusting the background and pixels of the image, protecting it from damage, removing unwanted objects, and making it more attractive. Users can also add colorful elements and adjust lighting because the application has various effects in this area.

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You can use our powerful photo editor to remove acne, pimple, or blemish and smooth skin, brighten eyes, whiten teeth and slim face, and reshape the body for a more attractive figure. We have many cool filters and special effects like blur effect, reshape lens, add stickers, and doodle pen to enhance your photos.

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Amazing Features of Beauty Plus Mod Apk

BeautyPlus MOD APK, you can make your photos come alive in just a few touches. You will be amazed by the professional experience that this app offers. It has an attractive interface that gives users an occasion to call unique.


The new Transform to Professional Model feature will transform you into a professional model! This feature will let you become the best-looking person in the world and prepare for that modeling career by transforming yourself into a professional model.


The new Quick Wallpaper features allow you to instantly change your background without having to open the app again. These quick wallpaper options also allow you to customize your wallpaper with different themes and color schemes. You can also choose from various skins with different styles and looks. You can also create your theme or add personal flair by changing its colors and fonts.


Have fun creating unique art writings by using the Color Art filter collection color. With this feature, you can make beautiful paintings with vivid colors and patterns from your photos or videos! This simple but exciting feature allows you to create beautiful masterpieces with just one click! More than 60 unique filters are available in this app so that you can make all kinds of artwork for free!

Color Art Filter Collection Color

Get mesmerized by unique filters that transform your images into incredible artwork. Also, add color effects to photos and apply different colors to them to create stunning portraits!

Creative Skin in One Touch

The app has an exclusive “Creative Skin” feature that allows users to change their skin tone with just one click! Some features include Facial Hair, Eyebrows, Eye Color, Eye Shape, Lip Color, and much more!


BeautyPlus MOD APK is an effective tool for editing facial parts. You can use it based on a template or create an original look with your preference. You can choose from many different options for beauty retouching: blush, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick – it’s all at your fingertips!


BeautyPlus is a real-time beauty editor that lets you edit your face to look beautiful. You can easily use the BeautyPlus editor to make your face changes. The BeautyPlus editor will help you remove your face’s blemishes, spots, pimples, wrinkles, and other imperfections. It also has a lot of filters that help you change the appearance of your face without makeup.

With Skin Editor, you can make your photos seem better

Android users may enjoy working with excellent skin proofreaders and embellishing their chosen pictures with the helpful Skin Editor in BeautyPlus. Begin by utilizing the best dazzling setups to enable properly captured selfies or picture photos.

Make the ideal eyes for the characters

In addition, Android users may use BeautyPlus’s Perfect Eyes options to improve their captured images or selfie pictures. Get rid of those annoying eye bags and dark circles that make you seem lifeless and unattractive.

Work on achieving the perfect grin

Those who are interested might try their hand at delivering the perfect grin for the chosen targets. Simply make use of the in-application highlights to brighten the teeth and make the characters appear more certain. Use a variety of effects to make your grins more natural and appealing. As a result, Android users will be able to enjoy the portable application as well.

With car restoration options, you may effectively change your photos.

To make the program more accessible, Android users may assess the quick repair and enjoy creating lovely images with their chosen photographs. Simply enable the underlying restoration presets, each of which has its own unique graphic options, and you’ll be able to calmly update particular sections of the images in no time.

Have some good times working with the sorcery brush

Furthermore, the program contains an amazing enchantment brush, which allows users to create a variety of interesting and unique effect brushes. Have fun swiftly assessing the shine, neon, start hearts, and various available selfie experiences. Basically, give your enchanted brushes a boost and have fun with the flexible software.

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Find the best picture retouching services.

Android users will like discovering expert photograph-altering experiences in BeautyPlus, which will allow them to work on lauding their photos in the same manner that a professional photographer would.  Examine the obscuring effects and enable professional bokeh effects for your pictures. Crop any parts of the images quickly or adjust their dimensions to your liking.

Guidance can be downloaded

Click here to go to the link that was sent to you. It will begin downloading and, eventually, install it.

Guidance can be downloaded

To begin, click the provided link. Allow installation by snapping on that file once again.

Common Questions about Beauty Plus Mod APK

What is the BeautyPlus MOD APK?

BeautyPlus MOD APK is an application that lets you get the latest news about makeup products and skin care. This app has various features, including beauty tips, deals, and reviews of your favorite brands.

Can I use this app on my iPhone?

Yes, you can! BeautyPlus is a universal application, which means that it works on both Android and iOS devices. You will only need to install the official app on your device from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Is it safe to use this application?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use this application because it does not contain any malware or viruses and does not ask for any personal information from users who want to use its services. The only thing you need to do is provide your email id so that you can receive relevant information regarding their services straight.

How to install BeautyPlus MOD APK?

You need to download the file from our website and then click on the downloaded link to install it on your device easily.

Is it possible to alter our photos?

Yes! Of course, the software may also be used to edit photos.

Is it possible to add filters?

Yes! You may use several filters to enhance the appearance of your photographs.

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BeautyPlus MOD APK is a photography app for anyone who loves taking pictures and editing pictures with their friends and family. The filters are unique, so you’ll be able to add them to your images in moments, making it very easy to create photos that look professional. This is one of the main reasons this app is perfect for people who want something more advanced than Instagram.

You can adjust everything from the skin tone to individual elements within the image, so you’ll have complete control over each image you have created. When you’re sharing time on your phone with your family, you don’t want every photo to look ordinary. This is also an excellent option for group photos. With this app, you can enhance all the individual elements to ensure that everyone looks their absolute best in every shot.

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