Bloons TD 5 APK + Mod 2022 (unlimited money) For Android/iOS

Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk is a tower defense game that was developed by Supercell and published by Imangi Studios. The objective of the game is to stop the enemy from reaching the top of the tower. While also preventing them from entering other areas of the level. To do this, you will use various towers and heroes to defend your base against waves of enemies.

The Bloons TD series has become one of the most popular in-app purchases on Android devices, and with good reason. This exciting strategy game offers hours upon hours of gameplay for all levels of players. There are several different modes available including campaign mode. Where you can play through multiple episodes or battle it out in competitive multiplayer mode against others online or locally.

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Bloons TD 5 Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022

Bloons TD 5 is a tower defense game that contains more than 50 different maps and is available for both iOS and Android devices. Gameplay involves placing towers on the map, then launching monkeys from the monkey towers at the balloons from the enemy side. Some of the towers are straightforward while other tower abilities require research first.

Additionally, two new environments have been introduced – The Woods and Jungle – each with its own set of challenges and bonuses. And last but not least, the Mod includes brand-new achievements for avid gamers to strive for. So if you’re looking for something fun to do in your free time while still helping improve your skills at Bloons TD5.

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You have to be very careful when playing this game as there are many enemies that can cause lots of damage to your towers. These include different types of bloons such as regular bloons, ice bloons, pig bloons, and even monkey attacks. There are also other obstacles like windmills which will launch a monkey at a tower if it comes into contact with it.

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Bloons TD 5 Mod APK is a popular mobile tower defense game that features enhanced gameplay and new balloons. The objective of the game is to protect your towers from incoming shots by strategically placing them on the map, and then launching monkeys at the enemy balloons. You can also upgrade your towers in order to make them stronger and obtain new abilities to help you survive longer battles.

The gameplay of Bloons TD 5 Mod APK is largely the same as that of the original game, with a few additions and modifications. The objective of the game is to pop all balloons filled with bombs without losing any towers or agents. You can do this by building up your tower in strategic locations and using different types of vehicles, including tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and even monkeys on surfboards to take down enemy balloons.

Amazing Features of Bloons TD 5 Mod APK


Our game is a completely new edition of the popular series of games in which you have to defend your city against incoming balloons and intruders. We have added new features such as tower defense and intruders. The game has more than 70 levels and each level is unique in itself.


In BTD5 MOD APK we have added a lot of different graphics that change according to the time of day or night. The weather also changes according to the season in which it appears in this game.


In BTD5 MOD APK you will be playing as a monkey who is trying to defend his city from incoming balloons and intruders. You will be using various towers to stop them from entering your city or destroying it completely.


In this game, there are intruders who are trying to destroy your base and towers. They come in different sizes and shapes. You need to use various weapons against them in order to protect your base and towers.


There are many different scenes that you can play in this game such as snow, desert, jungle, etc. Each scene has its own unique features and challenges associated with it. which makes it interesting for players of all ages and skill levels alike.


You can also shoot the balloons that appear in the game by clicking on them. Which will make them explode and you will gain money from them. You can also use this money for buying new weapons and upgrades for your towers.

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In order to enjoy this game, you need to complete levels one after another and reach higher levels so that you can get more rewards from playing the game. There are several levels available in this game so that everyone can enjoy playing it without any difficulty.


There is no limit on how much money you can spend on buying upgrades for your towers or bombs. Because there are many ways of doing so such as using gems or completing events in order to earn more money. You will be able to upgrade every aspect of your game.

Build Your Own Strategy

You can build up your own strategy because each level has many different types of towers you can use to defend against incoming bloons. You will also be able to upgrade these towers so they are better at destroying the bloons that come at them. The game also offers an online multiplayer mode where other players around the world can play against you in real time!


The graphics are absolutely amazing and give you a sense of depth when playing the game. The game has an amazing soundtrack which is really good and immersive while playing the game. It also supports offline play which helps you save data on your device and makes it easier for you to play without an internet connection as well.


The sound effects in this game are really amazing. The sound effects of each attack type are so realistic that you can hear every little detail of how each attack sounds like. When they hit something or when they run away from something, etc.

Build Tactic and Gain Experience

Build tactics and gain experience with the new build mode in Tower Defense. Build your towers in a way that they’re able to take down your enemies. You can also upgrade them with new items, so you can make them more powerful than ever before.

Common Questions of Bloons TD 5 Mod APK

What is Bloons TD 5 Mod APK?

Bloons TD 5 Mod APK is a modded version of the original game. Which has been modified to improve its gameplay. The modded version has been created by professionals who have extensive knowledge about Android devices. Moreover, they have done an excellent job of making it more enjoyable than the original game.

What does Bloons TD 5 Mod APK offer?

The modded version of Bloons TD 5 offers many new features that can make your gaming experience more exciting and fun. These features include enhanced graphics, additional levels, and powerful upgrades. You can also unlock all new towers and upgrade them as you progress through the game.

What is the best way to upgrade my Bloons TD 5 Mod APK?

The best way to upgrade your Bloons TD 5 Mod APK is by upgrading your towers and getting new powers. You can also get more money by completing missions and winning battles.

What are some of the benefits of playing Bloons TD 5 Mod APK?

The main benefit of playing Bloons TD 5 Mod APK is that it is free and easy to download on your Android device or computer. You can also create your own levels for other people to play or use as a template for building their own custom levels!

Is Bloons TD 5 Mod APK free to download?

Yes, it is completely free to download and install on your Android device. However, you will need an active internet connection in order to play the game online with other players from around the world!

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If you are a tower defense lover and addict, Bloons TD 5 is definitely worth trying. Featuring improved graphics and new levels, this game is about having fun and killing time for players of all ages. Moreover, the game is better than ever now with fewer ads popping up and smoother controls when towers are upgraded. The ranking system will also help you perfect your strategy so you can play it better each time you try. If you are interested in this game, you can tap the download button below to get it. It is free to play and can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

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