Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Artisan Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK is an ideal tool for creating funny caricatures, manga, and anime artworks. It features many of the same developer’s cartoon effects that are present in paid apps. Also, it offers attractive backgrounds, which can use for capturing portrait photos, or adding comics style, just like manga or anime characters. With Artisan Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK, you can create expressive drawings by tracing original or drawn sketches with a live-drawing option.

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Artisan Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK Download Latest Version 2022

Artisan Cartoon Photo Editor APK is a photo editing app with many artistic photo filters and cartoon effects that allow caricaturing or avatar your pictures in no time. Learn how to make anime art by converting photographs into paintings or comics now! The application lets you use the third-person view for creating complex compositions. It comes up with beautiful cartoon portrait templates that can use for cartooning photos, Instagram-worthy selfie camera effects, and creating hand-drawn caricatures.

It allows you to customize your selfie photos with several different effects. The application also comes with many artistic templates that can help create realistic hand-drawn caricatures, paintings, and comics. This app comes with various filters to make your caricature images. You can save and send it to your friends on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

artisan cartoon photo mod apk premium unlocked

This free art photo editor APK provides tools and effects to cartoon yourself and make cartoon art. You can make hand-drawn caricatures, cartoons, manga, and many more! Artisan cartoon photo editor is an app with unique color filters allowing you to create real-looking vector paintings through its templates. This art photo editor generates amazing vector portrait images based on your pictures!

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Amazing features are Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK


Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK allows you to create unique cartoons using the artists who the developers of Artisan have carefully handpicked: Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK. You can use a cartoon artist to design your cartoon and give it a realistic look. You can easily add different colors, shapes, and actions to make your cartoon look alive.


Many exciting features inside Artistic Photo Editor make it a powerful photo editor app. One of them is Oil Paint Filters which make your photo look like master artists painted it. You can choose from different oil paints such as pastel, watercolor, or acrylic to create an impressive-looking painting on your photo. Another feature is Art Effects which give your photos artistic effects such as vintage, grunge, and more. If you want to remove unwanted objects from your photos, this feature will help you do so quickly!

Many Artistic Photos Effects

This app gives you an unlimited number of artistic photo effects with which you can make your photos look unique and attractive by adding overlay effects or using different filters like bokeh or vignetting.

Easy To Use Interface

The interface of this app is straightforward to use. You can easily adjust all the settings on the go without going into the settings menu. It is also very easy to use since it has a one-tap avatar maker feature that lets you create avatars in a single tap without hassle.

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Camera effects

You can add various camera effects to your photos. These include blurring, ghosting, borders, and much more. You can also adjust the exposure by tapping on it and changing it. It is pretty easy to use, and even if you are new to photo editing apps, this one will make things easier for you too.


Another fantastic feature of this app is the ability to create your wallpaper from scratch. In addition to that, you can also use their templates to create your layout in no time. This will help you save time and effort when creating new backgrounds for your photos.


This feature lets you easily create avatars from scratch with just one tap on the screen. The app also allows users to edit their profile pictures using different filters and styles that suit their tastes or preferences.

Common Questions of Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor APK

What is Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor APK?

Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor APK is a photo-editing application developed by Ketchapp. It’s also available on Google Play Store and App Store. The app allows users to edit their photos with various filters, stickers, and effects. The app is relatively popular among users who want to edit their photos easily without spending too much time on it.

Is it safe to use?

This app is entirely safe and reliable. We have tested it on many devices, and it works perfectly fine without any problems. You can also try downloading the APK file from here if you want to check it out first before downloading it.

How to use Artisan?

You can easily use Artisan on your Android device by downloading the app from Google Play Store. After downloading, open the app and start using it to make your pictures look fantastic.

How many languages does the application support?

The application supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese.

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Artisan Cartoon Photo Editor MOD APK helps create beautiful portrait templates, cartoon effects, comic filters, and anime arts that can share with friends on social media platforms. You don’t need any fundamental drawing skills for the task. The process is quite simple. The application provides many tools like paint brushes, pen options, pencils, airbrushes, and more; this means you can apply any artistic filter you wish to your photos in no time.

It is an entertaining application for individuals who love to take selfies and don’t mind spending a lot of money on various filters online. The app comes up with cartoon types and filter styles that all age groups can love. It helps trim your arms and necklines, enhance eye areas, remove blemishes and pimples, fix teeth gaps, balance foreheads, cut blue or green eyes into brown eyes, etc. It has lots of features that may appeal to you!

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