Instasize APK + MOD 2022 (Premium Unlocked) For Android/iOS

Instasize MOD APK is a free app that lets you quickly create beautiful Instagram photos. The app has several features that make it easy for new users, including changing the image’s color, adding backgrounds and frames for images, creating photo collages with beautiful pictures, and adding meaningful text to photos. The app also allows users to zoom in on pictures, enlarge them, crop them, or even make them square! All these features are available within this app, so there is no need to go anywhere else!

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Instasize MOD APK Download Latest Version 2022

Instasize APK is a photo editing tool that allows you to add beautiful background images and frames to your photos. You can also change the image’s color and add text to it. This is an excellent app for sharing photos and making them look professional. This is it if you are looking for the best photo editing app!

It has all the features you need to give your photos a beautiful and unique look. The app has filter packs which will appear whenever you open the app. These packs will help you add more beauty to your photos.

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You can also add background and frames for images, create photo collages with beautiful pictures from your phone or Google Photos, add meaningful text to photos, unwanted crop parts of pictures, and much more!

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Unique Features of  Instasize MOD APK

Easy to Use for New Users

Instasize is a straightforward app to use, but at the same time, it has lots of features that can help you create amazing images. You don’t need to be an expert in photography before using this app. You can easily adjust your pictures’ color, brightness, and contrast without technical knowledge. Instasize MOD APK is designed so everyone can use it without any problem.

100% Compatible With Android 12

Instasize MOD APK supports Android 8.0 and above versions of the OS. Suppose you have an older version of Android on your device. In that case, there is no need to worry about downloading or installing this app, as it will work perfectly fine on all devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later versions of the operating system.


With Instasize MOD APK, you can instantly add filters to your photos. Will add these filters to the last picture you took and all the others before it. You can choose from various filters such as vintage, watercolor, black & white, and many more. You can also add a background to your photos to make them look more professional.


Choose from over 100 unique filters that allow you to change the color of your image, add a frame or background image, or even make it black and white. You can also add a smiley face or heart in the background of any photo by clicking on it and choosing what you want to do to it afterward (e.g., change its size, or rotate it).


You can adjust the position and size of all elements in your image with precise adjustments. This can help you create more pleasing compositions for your pictures! Easily fix crooked lines, red-eye issues, blurriness, and other common problems when taking pictures with your phone’s camera!

instasize mod apk premium unlocked


In addition to the effects mentioned above, Instasize includes different frames for your images to make them look more attractive. Depending on your mood and style, you can choose between various backgrounds, such as a blue sky with clouds or a pink rose flower with yellow sun rays. The app lets you create photo collages using these frames as well!


Instasize is an app that allows users to create unique images they can share with the world. The app allows users to choose from a variety of themes and designs as well as use their photos. The app also has excellent cropping, framing, editing, etc.


Instasize MOD APK is one of the best apps for creating high-resolution images from your phone or tablet. This app allows you to create highly resolved versions of any photo taken on your device, whether it’s an original photo or one taken with a camera.


The new add-me feature allows you to add text to all pictures. You can choose a photo from your gallery or take a picture yourself by holding it down on the screen and taking a picture. You can write whatever you want on it and add it to your gallery. Another great feature is adding text to any of your photographs, even ones you have taken yourself!

Common Questions of Instasize MOD APK

What is Instasize MOD APK?

Instasize MOD APK is a modified version of the original app. The revised version has all the features unlocked and working. It also provides unlimited money for free.

Is this app safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe because we have tested the app and found that it doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. Also, our developers tested it thoroughly before releasing it publicly, and they have got nothing but positive feedback from our users. So, you can trust us as well!

How to download Instasize MOD APK?

You can download Instasize MOD APK from our website by clicking on the button below or the Download Now button at the bottom of this page. Once you click on it, the download process will start automatically.

What are the benefits of Instasize MOD APK?

Applying different filters and effects will help you make your pictures look better, more appealing, and more attractive. You can also enhance your pictures’ color, contrast, and brightness with this app.

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Instasize MOD APK is an Android app that allows you to edit your photos with just a few clicks effortlessly. This app is very easy to use and comes pre-loaded with many useful features that will make editing your images easier. Using this app, you can easily change the color or add text or any other element to your photo. This app also lets you create photo collages using different images from your gallery or the internet, making it even more enjoyable!

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