Fotor Photo APK + MOD 2022 (Pro Unlocked) For Android/iOS

Fotor Photo MOD APK has a combination of various tools to create amazing photos. It includes a collection of filters and effects you can apply to your photos. With this software’s help, you can add drama and style to your pictures. The app also includes a handful of other features that might be useful for some users. For example, it lets you add text or drawings on top of your photo with a few simple taps. You can also use the app’s built-in Instagrammer feature to find and follow your favorite accounts quickly.

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Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK Download Latest Version 2022

Fotor Photo Editor mobile is the best photo editor app with a massive collection of photo effects. It gives you a fantastic photo editing experience that keeps you constantly updated with the latest trends in photography. Fotor Photo Editor is a powerful photo editor that helps you to edit each part of your photos in just one click.

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The app also has a lot of unique filters and effects which will enhance your photos to make them look more beautiful. You can also tilt-shift your photos with ease using this app. This app is free to download and works on all android devices.

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Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK has some Amazing Features


A light adjustment is a powerful tool that allows you to adjust the brightness of the photo. You can change it from 50% to 255% and choose a color to get the desired effect. Also, you can use it as an exposure adjustment tool to add or remove some light from your photo. Adjust the image’s lightness by adjusting the picture’s brightness, contrast, and saturation.


The Labels Collection is a great way to make your photos unique and professional. With Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK, you can easily add an official label to your photo in a few clicks. Superior with the label collection is a fantastic feature that allows you to add text on top of an image. You can select the font size and color of the text and set the text’s position on the photo. This feature is handy if you want to put some information at the bottom of your image like “Love” or “Happy Birthday,” etc.


Filters Different Style is another fantastic feature that allows you to apply different filters on top of your photo. It includes a watercolor, sepia, black & white filter, etc. These filters make your photos look more attractive than before. Choose from over 70 templates for filters with different styles and effects. You can also create your filters and share them with friends.


So many live effects are available in this app that will make your photos look more attractive and cool. These effects include blurs, vignettes, and much more cool stuff, making your images look great. You can even add noise to create a gritty impact on your photo.

1-Tap Enhance Feature

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK is the app that lets you make your images look better with just one tap. It has many excellent features like 1-Tap Enhance Feature, Tilt-Shift effect, and many more. This app makes your pictures look more vibrant and superior than before. You can enhance the colors of your photos using this feature. You will get to know more about this feature in the following lines.

Tilt-Shift Effect

This feature adds a tilt-shift effect to any image by making it look like a shot with a macro lens. It is done by tilting the camera slowly while taking a picture to make things appear smaller than they are on screen. This provides a fantastic way of taking images and making them look more artistic. This feature can give new life to your old photographs and bring them back into focus!


This feature lets you create unique designs using different shapes and fonts. You can easily change the size of the figure by dragging it along the edges of the invention. You can add text or stickers to your plan for a more personal touch.

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With this feature, you can create photo collages from multiple images at once. This feature lets you effortlessly combine two or more images into one picture with a simple drag-and-drop process.


The unique templates are designed in an eye-catching way that looks beautiful on any background, including black backgrounds! These templates come with unique experiences that look amazing on any device screen size!


Removes unwanted backgrounds from your photos and allows you to edit the pictures quickly. We have a lot of unique filters and effects for your photo editing needs. You can also use these filters on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also, you can use them for sharing with friends or family members via their social media accounts.

Common Questions of Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK

What is Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK?

Fotor Photo Editor is a photo editing app in which you can easily edit your photos. You can change different effects like watercolor, blue filter, sketch, filter, and many more.

How do I remove the watermark on a photo?

Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK has a watermark removal tool that will remove the watermark from your photos without damaging them. It is straightforward to use and can be done in just seconds. Just click on the “remove” button once you’re done editing your photo, and it will be removed automatically.

Can I change the color of my photos?

Yes, you can change the color of your photos by using Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK’s built-in filters. You can also apply filters with different effects like “Vintage” or “Sepia.” You can also choose four colors for each filter: pink, purple, orange, and green.

How much does Fotor Photo Editor cost?

This app is entirely free for use, and it doesn’t have any hidden costs. So there’s no need to worry about paying anything. If you want to get more features and premium services in this app, you can purchase a premium version of this app. You can choose between different packages according to your needs and budget.

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Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK is one of the best photo editing apps available on the android platform. It has an advanced set of features allowing users to edit their images easily. In addition, it also provides users with a wide range of tools so they can easily enhance their photos with minimal effort. The app allows users to transform their images in no time by applying different effects and filters, making it easier for them to create stunning photos quickly.

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