Lumii Editor APK + MOD 2022 (Pro Unlocked) For Android/iOS

Lumii Editor MOD APK is a potent photo editor. It is easy to use, and the application has many exciting features. So you can easily create awesome photos with this app. The app also has different editing tools such as crop, color balance, contrast slider, etc., which help you adjust the image according to your preferences. Regarding editing features, Lumii offers several tools that allow you to add textured effects such as grunge effects or embossing. You can also use this app on both iOS devices and Android devices without any issues at all.

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Lumii Editor MOD APK Download Latest Version 2022

Lumii is a camera app for Android with which you can take professional-looking photos in just a few seconds. It has various features with which you can edit your images and make them look better. The app can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

The app also allows you to add text to your images and make them look more realistic. You can also add filters by pressing the button on your phone. These filters will change the color of your image, making it more appealing and exciting to look at.

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The app also has a free iOS device camera that allows you to take photos directly from your phone or tablet. This is useful for creating quick proofs or capturing action shots if you need one fast. You can also use it for taking video clips in addition to images.

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Lumii Editor MOD APK has some Amazing Features


The app is designed to make the interface easy to use, even for those new to photo editing. The app allows you to create professional-looking images with just a few taps.


Lumii has a great selection of filters, which means you can get creative with your photos in seconds. All you have to do is choose an effect, and you will be able to add some professional touch to your images.


Lumii allows you to customize every aspect of your pictures, from adding text to the image or removing unwanted parts. You can also add soft focus or artistic blur effects to your photos. If you want more control over your pictures, then Lumii is definitely for you.


The best thing about Lumii is that it allows you to easily create professional photo effects without knowing how photo editing works. You have to choose an effect from its extensive list and apply it to your photos in just one tap!


The app supports font removal tools, so you can choose from various fonts and use them on your photo without any problems. You need to select any font you like and then apply it to your image by moving it around your finger until you get an attractive result.


This feature can add textures to images like marble, wood, or even stone in your photos. You can also change the color of the surface or make it transparent.


You can choose from many filters in Lumii Editor MOD APK, such as vintage filter, soft focus filter, etc. You will find all kinds of filters suitable for any photo you take here.*


If you want to take a good picture of your subject but do not want its background in front, then this feature allows you to separate them easily by dragging them around!

New HSL Color Mode

The new HSL color mode allows you to change the color temperature of your photos and add more visual appeal to them. It’s easy to use, and there are many options available for you so that you can customize your images in any way you like.

This new mode lets you customize the color of your image by selecting a color from a color palette or choosing one of your colors in case you want to create something unique. It has many different color options, so it will work with any image you wish to apply.

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This app has several basic editing features, such as the crop and rotates functions. Besides that, there are other valuable tools such as the red eye removal tool, blur tool, saturation tool, contrast tool, and much more!


Double exposure is a great way to make images look more exciting and creative. In this feature, you can choose the type of photo you want to edit, which will give you a brief preview of the results. You can create new double exposure effects by using different filters and adding text to your image.


The text to Image feature allows you to add text and images to photos. This is a fantastic feature because it will enable you to create beautiful pictures with your own words. You can also add text and images to your photos from other sources, such as albums on Facebook or Instagram. This is an easy way of sharing your pictures with others.


Image Library is Your Own allows you to import photos into Lumii Editor MOD APK and use them as background for your wallpapers. You can also use any image you find online or create one yourself if needed. This is an excellent feature if you want to make a unique wallpaper for yourself or someone else in your family or friends circle.


Different Filters & Effects let you change the filter effects used in your backgrounds. Additional filters like sepia, vintage, grayscale, etc., give a nice effect to your backgrounds, making them look more attractive and appealing. There are also other effects like rainbow etc., which offer different looks to your wallpapers, making them look different from one another.

Common Questions of Lumii MOD APK

Is Lumii MOD APK safe to use?

Yes, it is 100% safe if you follow the instructions mentioned in this article. But, we are not responsible for any damage caused by our app. Moreover, we recommend you read the instructions carefully before installing our modded game version on your Android device.

How to download Lumii MOD APK

It is a very easy and simple process to download the Lumii MOD apk on your Android device. You must first click on the download button below, and then you can complete your downloading process.

What is Lumii MOD APK?

Lumii MOD APK is a modified version of the original android application Lumii. This modified app has been enhanced to provide more features and functions than the original.

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In Lumii Editor MOD APK, you will have all these features and more. You can easily add textures to your image by adding a texture pack from any of the thousands of available texture packs on the internet. This feature can easily make your picture look fantastic and realistic. You can also easily change the color of your image if you want to change it to something else like black and white or sepia tone.

You can also easily change the opacity of your image so that it will not be too dark or too light in color. Also, an option allows you to use two images in one picture, which means that there will be two separate images in one picture, like a double exposure effect. This feature allows you to choose between blur, star, lens flare filters, etc. It also has different backgrounds for both the foreground and background images which will enable them to be

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